Why You Should Never Ignore A Pool Leak

Why You Should Never Ignore A Pool Leak

Owning a swimming pool is a luxury we should never take for granted. There’s no better remedy for stress than a nice swim in a pool of crystal clear water.

It is expensive to build and repair, yet people often delay swimming pool maintenance for months, seasons, and even years. Some aren’t even aware when their pool needs fixing.

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Never ignore a problem in your pool – especially if it’s a leak. It can turn into your worst nightmare. Want to know how? A pool leak’s damage isn’t limited to the pool. It can ruin its surroundings too!

It Can Ruin The Surrounding Area

When there’s a leak in a swimming pool, the water seeps into the surrounding areas.

If you see puddles of water that never seem to go away around your swimming pool, or if the ground around it seems damp or soggy even when you’re not swimming for days, your pool is most probably leaking.

The wet ground, along with more than a quarter-inch of fall in water level per day, is a strong indication of a leaking pool.

What happens when you neglect your swimming pool maintenance and repair at this point?

You will see a growth of algae around the pool because of the chemicals in the swimming pool water. If you have a plantation of any sort around it, leaking water will mess up those plants too.

If you have concrete pavement surrounding the pool, slowly but surely, the water will erode it away internally, leaving nothing but sand and gravel behind.

The worst part about it is that your pool’s structure deteriorates in the process.

Swimming Pool Leak Can Cause Structural Damage

One neglected leakage in your swimming pool can lead to many structural issues down the line.

The water’s ability to erode can make your pool self-destructive. It has the potential to deepen and widen any present cracks in your swimming pool.

It erodes the cement, concrete, and binding material when it leaks into the immediate surroundings that make up or support your pool’s structure.

This can lead to further deformities and more cracks in the pool until it’s no longer usable. At this point, your swimming pool is either too expensive to restore or beyond repair.

You can prevent all of that with better swimming pool maintenance and timely repairs.

In Conclusion

Ignoring a pool leak can cost you more than any timely repairs will.

When it comes to other problems such as a broken filter or messed up temperature regulation, they don’t affect other aspects of your swimming pool as much. The problem with a swimming pool leak is that the longer it stays, the more damage it causes to every other part of the pool. An untreated pool leak has a snowball effect over time.

It can rake up your bills, weaken the pool structure, damage the surroundings, cause algae formation, throw off the chemical and PH balance of your pool, and shorten the lifespan of your equipment.

It all sounds scary, but the solution is pretty simple.

A & B Pool Maintenance can help you steer clear of any long-term problems through cost-effective preventative solutions. Drop a message or get a free quote to avail one of the best pool maintenance services around Campbell.