The Homeowner’s Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

The Homeowner’s Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

It’s great to have a swimming pool at home. You can get some exercise, beat the heat, and even host pool parties in your yard. However, faulty pool equipment and dirty water can ruin a positive swimming experience.

And this is where pool maintenance comes in.

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There are several steps to taking care of your pool. That’s why we will help you create a swimming pool maintenance checklist.

  • Pool Cleaning

Cleaning your pool is the first and most obvious thing to include in your checklist. You also need to skim your pool regularly to remove debris and bugs. Don’t forget to vacuum the bottom of the pool to prevent any build-up. Consider investing in a robotic pool vacuum to make the job easier.

You should also clean the deck to prevent leaves, rocks, and dirt from entering your pool. This can help you reduce the time needed for skimming.

And while you’re at it, ensure that toys and other accessories are stored properly. Leaving them on the deck can cause trips and falls near the pool.  

  • Manage pH Levels

Chemicals like chlorine keep the pool safe and clean for use. But you need to monitor chemicals because the chemical makeup of a pool can change throughout the week. Along with pH balance, you should also focus on chlorine and alkaline.

The recommended levels vary based on the size and type of pool. We recommend that you buy a water test kit to test your pool water regularly, especially after a storm. This is necessary to prevent pool damage as well as skin irritation.

  • Cover The Pool

Moving on, you should also invest in a pool cover to make maintenance easier. This will keep the pool warm and keep out large debris, easing some of your cleaning chores.

Many homeowners go for solar pool covers, which keep the water at a comfortable temperature while keeping out bugs and debris.

  • Shock Treatment

While it is not required frequently, you may also have to shock your pool every now and then. Shocking involves adding high amounts of chlorine and non-chlorine chemicals to kill algae and other growth in your pool.

Shocking may be required if you notice pool water becoming cloudy. You should especially shock your pool after a party.

  • Check Timer Settings

Running the pool pump and filter for too long wastes energy. That’s why you need to set the timer properly. You should adjust your time settings based on the season.

  • Check For Leaks

Finally, you should also ensure that your pool equipment is working fine. Check your pump, filter, valves, and other pool equipment regularly, as even small leaks can eventually become a major repair job. 

That’s about it. Follow these steps to keep your pool ready whenever you need it.

And if you reside in Santa Clara County, you can always reach out to A&B Pool Maintenance for your swimming pool and spa cleaning and repair services. Click here to get an estimate.