The Do’s And Don’ts Of Algae Cleanups

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Algae Cleanups

Are you worried about the increasing algae content in your swimming pool in Saratoga, CA? Well, not to worry because you are not the only one facing this problem.

Pool owners worldwide face the threat of algae development in their pool as algae spores continue to enter the pool through the wind, contaminants, and rain. Also, excessive sunlight and warm temperatures escalate matters in the absence of proper circulation procedures. Hence, the presence of algae prevents anyone from jumping in the pool and enjoying the summer.

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While you might need a professional to get rid of the more complex and widespread algae issue, you can get rid of algae in its initial phase too. So, if you are thinking of carrying out extensive algae clean-up, you need to follow some dos and don’ts.

The Do’s

  • Manually Vacuum Your Pool

When vacuuming your pool, you need to keep an eye on areas where algae are present. Clearing these regions will prevent the recirculation of algae and the further contamination of the water.

  • Shock Your Swimming Pool With Chemicals

Resistant algae require a more aggressive treatment from your end. Since your pool suffers from a heavy algae infection, you need to give it a shock. A calcium hypochlorite shock usually does the trick in such cases.

The shocks depend on your pool’s size and the kind of algae you need to tackle. Remember to shock your pool at dusk or night; the sun eats up most of the chlorine if you shock the pool during the day.

Once you carry out the shock treatment, it is time now to clear the pool. Switch on the filter and run it for at least eight hours to clear the water of all the leftover contaminants. You can also add a water clarifier to add more clarity.


  • Avoid Using the Automatic Pool Cleaner

While using the robotic cleaner may sound tempting, they don’t clear the algae from your swimming pool. It disperses the algae to different corners of the pool, spreading contaminants all around. However, the robotic pool cleaner does a fantastic job when algae is not an issue.

  • Avoid Shocking the Pool Water Directly

Shocking the pool water directly can lead to a disaster. The chlorine granules from the shocker sink to the pool’s depth and end up bleaching the liner. This causes the bleached area to become frail and week, resulting in potential leaks. A better idea will be to dissolve the solution in a bucket and then hurl it into the water.

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