Jeff and Cindy Faulkner

“Working with A&B Pools has been great. We hired them about two years ago to maintain our pool, and have been using them ever since. They come by every week like clockwork to inspect, and clean our pool. A few times we have had issues with our heater or other equipment and they notified us immediately, and got right on top of the repairs. They also made it easy to replace parts with our Jandy manufacturer. When I have asked, they made special arrangements for us when we really needed the pool ready for a party. All in all, I would easily recommend A&B to my friends and family. “


Kanishka De Lanerolle

Residential Weekly Service since July 2009 Repair Customer Since 2006

“Since we have signed up with A & B Pool Maintenance the crew has been very diligent and consistent. They keep a good eye on our pool equipment and give us a heads up when something needs to be repaired. Overall we are quite happy with their service.”

Paul Polk

ACE Property Management, regarding Kenwood/Crosspointe HOA

Commercial Weekly Service since 2001

“A & B Pool Maintenance has provided excellent service to our largest customer for several years. In addition to keeping the pool looking great, A & B is always proactive and gives us early warning on potential problems before they become headaches. They are great to work with.”

Customer wishes to remain anonymous

“I have been with A & B for 15 years and they are extremely reliable. I can count on them to come regularly and do a high quality job. There have been times when something is broken and they have been very responsive and proactive. They let me know in advance and encourage me to get it fixed and they prevent problems. I really appreciate and value their service.”

Roseanne Neveitt

Residential Weekly Service since July 2008

“A & B is always on time and they come every week on schedule. They have been great and we have had no problems with them. We are very happy with their service. When we moved into our house the pool hadn’t been touched and they did a great job with the clean up and setting up the equipment.”

Linda Rollo

Residential Weekly Service since February 2008

“We are so happy with the service. The pool service has been impeccable, with such a fine attention to detail. We have a warm working relationship with A & B; they are kind to our dogs and to us. Always alerting us to anything that is wrong or needs to be replaced. They are very reliable and consistent and it is a pleasure to be working with such nice people.”

Hal Roey

Chairman, San Jose Elks Lodge

Commercial Weekly Service since June 2008

“We have had very good service and a long time relationship with A & B.”

Tom D

Villagio HOA

Commercial Weekly Service since March 2009

“A&B’s quality of work is considerably better than our previous vendor. I’m very glad we made the switch to A&B. Thanks to A&B, there’s been a noticeable improvement in the water quality in our fountains and pools. They are much better in their communication and attention to detail than our previous vendors.”

Cathy Ordonez

Avery Management, regarding Berryessa Villa and Murphy Villa

Murphy Villa: Commercial Weekly Service since July 1992 Berryessa Villa: Commercial Weekly Service since April 1998

“When I pick up the phone to call A & B I know something will happen right away. They are very dependable. They are great to speak with on the phone and every time something has happened they are right there to take care of it.”

Tommie Mattox

Residential Weekly Service since March 2003

“A & B is always prompt and the pool is always immaculate. If any problem with the pool comes up they are on top of it. They answer any questions promptly and get the problem fixed. They are very friendly and wonderful to work with.”

Sharon Holt

Residential Weekly Service since March 2001

“A & B’s service has been incredibly consistent. Great communication, they always follow up if there are any problems or if repairs are needed. Debbie gets right back to us if we call for anything. They are very reliable and we are very happy with A & B.”

Lori P

UNC Community Management

Commercial Weekly Service for Multiple Properties since 2000

“A delight to work with! Go above and beyond in customer service.