Sure-Fire Ways You Can Make Your Home Swimming Pool Safer

Sure-Fire Ways You Can Make Your Home Swimming Pool Safer

What could be nicer than taking a cool dip in the summer to cool off?

A pool in the garden gives you the best opportunity to do so. It is like a little piece of paradise on earth that refreshes young and old alike.

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However, as much fun and entertainment a swimming pool brings to you, it can also turn into a horrific event in the blink of an eye. That’s why experts advise taking certain safety precautions to ensure that the pool is safe and secure for all.

Following are the top four ways to make your pool a safe place for everyone, including children and adults. Not only this, but these tips will also help you avoid any inconveniences in the long run.

1. Nothing Replaces The Vigilance Of Adults

This is a rule that should be high on your safety list. Many children are seriously injured, and some even drown in private swimming pools every year only because they were left unsupervised.

So, next time if any of your children are in the pool or around, make sure you keep a close eye on them. Even if they have water wings or other inflatable toys, make sure they are under someone’s supervision. Remember that these toys are not safety equipment!

2. Install A Pool Fence

It’s good if you already have pool safety gate or pool fences, but ensure there are no security loopholes. Here, you might need to check the distance between all of the picket lines on your fence, its bottom rail, and the ground does not exceed 4 inches.

Also, make sure that your fence is at least 1.50 meters high. This prevents children from climbing over the barrier. Besides this, avoid keeping garden furniture and bushes near the pool fence or gate.

3. Get Rid Of The Stepping Stone

One of the biggest culprits for swimming pool injuries is a diving board. Even if you are used to using it, you can easily slip off the board and accidentally hit your head.

Therefore, if you have one installed, it is wise to remove it, especially if there are young children in your household. Likewise, it would be best if you considered getting rid of your pool slide as it is also a major safety risk.

4. Have A First Aid Kit And Safety Equipment Nearby

Your pool should have the necessary emergency swimming pool safety equipment. For instance, a lifebuoy must always be close at hand so that you can toss it to the bather to keep him afloat in case of drowning.

Another emergency tool you will need is a safety chain that you can use to pull people ashore. Make sure you keep this in an easily accessible, marked area near your pool. Lastly, have a handy first aid kit ready and keep it filled with the essentials at all times.

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