Sick Of COVID-19? Create An Aqua Paradise In Your Backyard To Survive The Pandemic!

Sick Of COVID-19? Create An Aqua Paradise In Your Backyard To Survive The Pandemic!

Having a pool at home is a great way to stay active indoors and enjoy some family fun. If COVID-19 has delayed your vacation plans this year, not to worry. There are several ways to turn your backyard pool into an aqua paradise, where you can while away the time during a pandemic:

Of course, it all starts with keeping things clean and hygienic. Homeowners in Santa Clara County can reach out to A&B Pool Maintenance for a complete range of pool maintenance services. Click here to get a free estimate.  

Here are 5 ways to turn your backyard swimming pool into a mini getaway:

1. Add A Water Feature

To start off, you can try adding a water feature like a fountain or waterfall. These make a pool more beautiful and also create more fun for the kids. You can choose the size of the water feature according to your budget.  

2. Throw In Some Pool Toys

Secondly, you can make things more interesting by adding some toys to the water. Pool toys include beach balls, pool noodles, and inflatable tubes. You can place a box nearby to store the toys when not in use.

3. Arrange For Entertainment

Take things up a notch by creating an entertainment deck by the pool. You can get some lounge chairs and a TV to enjoy a movie with your family. Or bring in a charcoal grill to have a poolside BBQ. You can also get a pool table. The options are endless.

4. Light It Up

Adding lights in and around a pool is a great way to create a relaxing ambiance and enhance safety, especially at night. For added effect, you can also consider multi-colored lights.

5. Take Care Of Landscaping

Finally, you should also give your backyard landscape some TLC. Consider adding bright flowers or bushes to bring those vacation vibes. It’s also good to plant bushes and larger trees when you have a pool at home. These provide extra shade and privacy.

These are some cool ways to relax and have fun during the pandemic if you have a pool at home. There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 spreads through recreational water. Even then, try to maintain distance in the pool and also avoid inviting guests over.

And it goes without saying that you should keep your pool clean and germ-free. If you reside in Santa Clara County, reach out to A&B Pool Maintenance for pool cleaning and maintenance. Click here to get a free estimate.