Leak Detection & Repairs

Do you notice decreasing water levels in your pool or spa? If yes, you may have leakage on your hands. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, you can always reach out to A & B Pool Maintenance for leak detection and repairs. We are the leading swimming pool and spa contractors in Santa Clara County, serving the area since 1984.

We are fully licensed and bonded. Our technicians are qualified and experienced in detecting leaks that are invisible to the eye. Our pool inspection is based on pool size, plumbing, and additional water features, if any, that are added to the pool (like spa, waterfall, etc.). Contact us today to schedule a leak inspection so we can detect the source of water loss.

At A & B Pool Maintenance, we perform all leak detection and repairs in-house and do not sub-contract any work. Our qualified technicians are available throughout the weak for leak detection and underground repair work. Contact us today to have your pool inspected. We will detect if there is genuine leakage or just regular evaporation. Call now for a free leak detection quote.