Algae Cleanups

The sight of clear, blue water in your swimming pool has a soothing effect. But this can be quickly ruined by black, red, or green algae. Not only do algae ruin the appearance of a beautiful swimming pool, but they are also a health hazard for everyone who swims in the pool. And algae growth can further damage your pool if they are not removed on time. Luckily, you can count on A & B Maintenance to deal with algae in your pool.

We are serving Santa Clara County since 1984. We are fully licensed and insured. Our certified pool technicians have years of experience removing pool algae for both residential and commercial swimming pools. We understand that algae can be a major inconvenience, keeping you from enjoying a splash and swim. But don’t worry, because we will thoroughly remove all growth from your swimming pool.

Our technicians will inspect your pool to determine the cause of algae growth. Common causes include dirty or clogged filters, low chlorine quantities, high pH, etc. No matter the cause, we have safe, reliable, and effective methods of eliminating algae and restoring your pool to their original condition. Contact us today for a free algae removal quote.