Maintaining Water Level Of My Pool

Maintaining Water Level Of My Pool

Do you have a swimming pool? How often do you check the pool’s water level? Maintaining the pool’s water level is a task that pool owners often overlook.

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Maintaining the correct water level of the pool is so important because this can negatively affect the pool filter system. It’s crucial to maintain a minimum water level for the filter to operate correctly. If the water level is too low, water may not enter the filter, and the filter will start to take in the air.

The filtration system typically works because water enters the system through the skimmer. It then travels through pipes and ends up inside the filter. The water in the filter is then pushed back out via the jets. The skimmer also performs the purpose of a strainer and blocks large debris pieces from entering the pipes. 

Now, if the water level is too low and the water cannot enter the skimmer correctly, not only will there be no water going inside the pump, that means no filtration is happening. Instead, it will allow air to enter the system. This means not only will there be air in the pipes, but it will enter the filter and the pumps. It can seriously damage the pumps or cause airlocks.

If there is too much water, the filtration system might not have the capacity to filter the entire body of water, meaning the purpose of filtration is lost.

The solution to both the problems, too much water and too little water in the pool, are straightforward. If there is too much water, remove it. If there is too little water, add it.

However, it is rare for there to be too much water; unless there was heavy rainfall or some other such reason, there shouldn’t be excess water in the pool. To remove, one can fill buckets of water and pour them out into a drain. You can also just let the pool leave for a couple of days, and it might just evaporate out to the optimal level. 

If the water level has reduced, which is more likely the case, just be mindful and check the water level daily to avoid damaging the filtration system.

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