Luxury Indoor Pool Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Luxury Indoor Pool Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Innovation in architecture and design in today’s world knows no bounds. Residential and commercial structures are getting more and more complex, stunning, and awe-inspiring with the developments in technology and creativity. There is no feature that is too big or too complicated to be integrated inside a building anymore, whether it is an indoor garden or pool.

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Contemporary structures utilize smart design, which allows for better allocation of space. As a result, every nook and cranny is utilized. This means that you can install your indoor pool in the most unconventional places and be as avant-garde with your creative vision as you want.

Do not worry if you do not have a spare room, hall, or basement. Make the most out of whatever extra space you already have. Below are some luxury indoor pool ideas that turn your commercial or residential structure into a stunning masterpiece.

Converted barn

Do you have an empty barn or shed on your property that has little utility other than storing some junk that you should probably throw out? If so, then consider installing a pool there. If the structure has space, then consider turning it into a private indoor water park or a swimming facility with all the necessary trappings.

Indoor-to-outdoor pool

If you want a unique pool that gives your property a whimsical look, then create an indoor-to-outdoor pool that naturally transitions from inside the back of your home into your backyard garden. Also, be sure to do relevant landscaping for a more natural look by creating small hills, planting trees, adding grass, and wild shrubs and flowers.

Corridor pool

Do you have a huge corridor or a wasted longitudinal space? If so, then consider integrating a long rectangle pool where you can accommodate some laps every day to get the desired exercise without having to expand or leave the comfort of your home.  

Attic pool

Perhaps the most dangerous and challenging place to situate the indoor swimming pool after the roof is your attic. An attic is often wasted space in your home. There is not much space, the area is unfinished, and you have to take necessary yet costly measures to ensure that the water does not leak onto the floor below or leads to rotting or molding of the structure. Furthermore, you can install ceiling windows if you want to enjoy

Open Veranda

If you have an open space in the center of your home or a veranda, then consider putting up columns, marble seats, and whatever else is needed to create a historic pool that looks like something that was built in Ancient Greece or Mohenjo-Daro centuries ago.

If you want to add that extra pizzazz, then add pool accessories and poolside furniture. Indoor pools are easier to clean yet are trickier to install and maintain if you want to protect your building’s structural integrity.

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