How To Restore Your Swimming Pool

How To Restore Your Swimming Pool

Bringing a neglected swimming pool back to life can be challenging. The regular swimming pool maintenance measures you missed out on present a scary picture, leaving you scratching your head as you ponder where to begin the renovation work. A convenient solution is to hire a professional swimming pool cleaning company like A&B Pool Maintenance in Los Gatos, CA.

While the effort required to restore your swimming pool’s original look may not be easy or pretty, following this step-by-step guide will ensure that it is worth it.

Remove the Debris

Begin the process by removing all debris; this part can be tricky, especially if your pool water is murky and you cannot see the bottom. You need to be super careful when treading the water as you don’t know what’s in the pool and the extent of debris accumulation.

Regardless of how daunting the challenge of removing debris may seem like, you can do it while following proper safety measures.

Drain the Pool

Now that you’ve cleared all the significant debris, the chances of clogging the filter will drop significantly. Draining the pool will allow you to inspect its surface for damages. It is better to start the repair job on an empty pool rather than wasting resources on chemicals that require you to clear the pool anyway.

Check Equipment

Not only do dirt and debris mess up your pool, but they also clog your filtration system. The absence of frequent maintenance or repair measures means that you need to replace many parts that are not functioning correctly.

Start by removing the buildup and run the system. Keep a close eye on the filter and clear it out as soon as it collects debris. Also, don’t forget to inspect the heater, sanitizer pump, or filter before replacing them.

Scrub the Pool

Now that you have finished the inspection and have got an idea of the mess on your hands, stop wasting more time, grab the pool brush and start scrubbing the pool’s surface and walls. The more algae you remove, the better water quality you’ll get after adding water and chemicals to the pool.

Professional Inspection

Before refilling the pool, you must use this opportunity to call professional experts to inspect it. Stagnant pools come with a variety of problems, and they need to be fixed before refilling. This is why you should call for a pool inspection and ensure that there are no leftover cracks or leaks, or other damage that you missed.

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