Common Signs Of A Leaking Pool

Common Signs Of A Leaking Pool

There is no better way to unwind than spending some time in the pool and relaxing. A pool in the backyard provides families in Monte Crino with hours of fun during the weekends. Additionally, it also adds an extra touch of class to your house, making it an excellent addition to your outdoor space.

With the scorching summer season just around the corner, it is time for you to get your swimming pool in shape. A thorough pool inspection from a professional can help you get your swimming pool in order and keep it safe for all.

At A & B Pool Maintenance, our experts often reveal extended deep-rooted problems that are not visible to the naked eye. A leaking pool, for example, displays many hidden signs that a non-professional cannot detect. Click here and schedule your pool inspection in Monte Crino to ensure your swimming pool is safe, well-maintained, and clean.

As professionals in the industry, we do get many queries regarding leaking pools and sign that indicate something is wrong. As a tell-all tale, here is a blog that discusses common symptoms of a leaking pool.

1. Mushy Yard

Uneven growth of grass around the pool usually indicates a leak in the plumbing. When the water movement underground is unstable and excessive, it causes a shift in the landscaping. This results in soft spots around the swimming pool, which may cause unwanted grass to grow.

2. Discolored Water

Fluctuating chemical levels can take the natural sheen out of your swimming pool as the water changes to green. The discoloring occurs due to the development of algae, which is a sign of a leak in the pool. Discolored pools can be hazardous. So, call in the professionals at A & B Pool Maintenance for algae cleanup if you notice your pool changing color in a short period.

3. Cracks Around The Pool

Huge cracks around the pool are clear indicators of a leak. These cracks can result in widespread problems for the pool. Plus, if you keep ignoring them for too long, you will start losing out on water levels in the pool.

Here, professional pool resurfacing or restructuring are the only ways out, especially if the cracks are expansive and vast.

4. Increasing Water Bills

A spike in the water bill is another clear sign of pool leakage. Even the most minor leaks can end up costing you a considerable sum if not repaired on time.

Moreover, an increasing water bill may also mean that there is a leak somewhere else in your home. Therefore, a thorough pool inspection is the best bet to clear all doubts and find the problem’s root cause.

5. Puddle

If there is standing water beside the pool without any signs of rain, it means that your pool is leaking. Puddle formation also indicates that the pool walls may be cracked, allowing the water to seep into the sides and outside the pool.

A & B Pool Maintenance ensures that your pool is up and running so that you can enjoy the summers of Monte Crino to the fullest. Our experienced professionals have impressed one and all ever since our formation in 1984.

Click here to hire us today if you notice any of the leak detection signs mentioned above and get your pool fixed by qualified professionals.