Bringing The Beach To Your Backyard With A Wave Pool

Bringing The Beach To Your Backyard With A Wave Pool

Spending a relaxing day on the beach may seem like a farfetched dream in the current times, and no one even knows what the situation may be by the time summers come around. Will the pandemic get controlled? Will social distancing be over? Will things go back to normal? No one knows. However, one thing that we do know is that you can still actively enjoy with your family even if there is a lockdown by getting a wave pool installed. It may not be the same as the beach, but it will be just as rejuvenating and fun.

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Getting a wave pool installed in your backyard may seem like big expensive – not only will you have to invest in installation, but also in regular maintenance. However, if you have the space and money and take its benefits into account, it will all be worth it.

Backyard wave pools are generally six feet deep. They are much more fun than any regular swimming pool and give a luxurious feel to a property, thereby adding to its curb appeal.

Wave pools typically are designed to entertain a number of people, which is why they are a hit with anyone who loves throwing parties. However, this doesn’t mean that you need as big a space as a water park. You can get the size and shape customized to your backyard. All you need is an experienced contractor who loves a challenge and can come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

You can even convert your existing swimming pool into a residential wave pool using various methods, most of which are different from wave-creating techniques employed in larger commercial pools.

The most common way to create a backyard wave pool is by using specialized equipment that blows pressurized air onto the surface of the water to create safe yet fun summer waves. A paddle can also be included in your residential wave pool system to generate a force that will generate ripple-like waves.

If you do not want to invest in specialized equipment due to its hefty price, you can employ other techniques. Although these methods won’t create high waves, it is actually a bonus since water won’t splash out of the pool, so cleanup will be easier, and there won’t be any accidents.

You can get a water-friendly rotating paddle wheel device that runs on its own installed in your backyard pool. The paddlewheel should be high enough, so only half of it is submerged. The motion from this device will disturb the water to create waves.

Another way you can turn your ordinary swimming pool into a wave pool is by using a tool to blow compressed air into the water to create waves. Since this will have to be done manually, you do not have to worry about running costs. However, the con of using this affordable technique is that you will not be able to enjoy with your family since you will be focused on generating the waves.

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