8 Signs Your Home Spa Pump Needs Repair Or Replacement

8 Signs Your Home Spa Pump Needs Repair Or Replacement

Technological progression has allowed human beings to create various forms of relaxation in the comfort of their own homes rather than having to visit salons. The pandemic of 2020 further confined them to their homes, becoming an excellent opportunity for many home spa owners to get their spas running in order to spend their free time relaxing in luxury.

Home spas are machines that function via various technical pumps and wires. It is advisable to monitor and repair these pumps every six months or so for smooth operation. A & B Pool Maintenance offers spa repair services in Cupertino. Give them a call if you need your spa pump checked! 

In today’s blog post, we will list eight warning signs you need to be aware of that indicate your spa pump is due for repair or replacement:

1. A home spa pump’s most obvious warning sign is when it starts to make unpleasant noises. These noises may indicate an electrical fault or that the pump is worn out and needs replacing. 

2. Home spa pumps offer a variety of functions, including heating, lighting, and water jets. A decrease in the water pressure from the water jets indicates a potential problem in the water pump, which you should look into immediately. 

3. The plumbing and electrical systems of the home spa work simultaneously. Failure from any end indicates a pump issue. For instance, if the water is leaking from the pump or surrounding plumbing system, it could be dangerous for the home spa’s electrical system. For safety reasons, it is advisable to unplug all the equipment before assessing the problem.

4. The motor of the spa pump, when functioning correctly, allows air to cool down after usage. If the engine is overheating during and after use, this indicates a problem with the motor. 

5. Modern home spas include digital displays and controls that allow you to select various options, such as the water temperature. In case of an error, these digital systems display error messages related to the problem on the screen. Stay vigilant for any such messages on your spa display panel!

6. An unpleasant odor in the water is one of the most obvious warning signs from a home spa. Stay alert for any such odors.

7. A clogged and faulty pump allows moisture to set in the home spa creating bacteria in the water and contaminating it for use. If you have noticed any such problem, then get your pump checked.

8. The water in the home spa must be clean and clear for use even if the jet is running. Foamy water indicates an issue with the motor, which could either be mildew or a fungus build-up related. 

We hope the above signs will help you better understand your spa’s functionality. Spas are also a costly investment, so it is essential to ensure timely maintenance. A & B Pool Maintenance provides expert spa maintenance and repair services in Cupertino. Click here to get in touch with our team today.