4 Tips For Kid Proofing Your Swimming Pool

4 Tips For Kid Proofing Your Swimming Pool

Children and swimming pools can be a deadly mix. According to reports, approximately 350 children die from drowning in a swimming pool each year; almost 80 % of these are below the age of 5 years.

Now, these are alarming statistics which should make us reflect on how safe our homes are. Taking proactive measures is the best way to ensure the safety of those around you. An accident never knocks before occurring, it can take place in the blink of an eye, and before you know it, you have a full-fledged catastrophe on your hand!

However, the fear of accidents and the danger of swimming pools should not stop you from having fun with your family – including the young ones – this summer. Pools can be a great way to beat the summer heat and enjoy a fantastic weekend.

Following the guidelines compiled below will help you enjoy a great swim with your family while minimizing the likelihood of any harm coming to the young ones.

1. Barriers

A barrier surrounding the pool is one of the best lines of defense. Placing a pool fence ensures that no child enters the pool when adults are not around. The ideal pool fence should be four feet high and non-climbable. 

Consider buying barriers that don’t come with footholds or handholds, as children can use these to climb over them. You can also purchase safety covers which are great for spas too.

2. Pool Alarms

A pool alarm is a great way to stay alert on what is going on in the pool area. You can install a pool alarm on the windows, frame, sliding glass doors, or at the gates leading to the pool area.

Children or pets can also use wearable alarms that ring an in-house alarm as soon as they’re in danger. A pool alarm is a great safety feature for people with children at home.

3. Pool Safety Rules

The best way to counter accidental drowning is by preparing your kids for the scenario. It is crucial to talk to your kids about pool safety and the significance of following the rules. Pool rules at home should generally include no swimming when there’s no adult around. Since the surrounding pool area is wet and slippery, you should establish some rules for these too. Set up a safety signboard somewhere around the pool and explain each point in detail.

4. Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is a crucial safety measure. The presence of algae on the floor makes your swimming pool slippery, increasing the chances of kids slipping under the water while swimming. Algae presence also decreases the visibility inside your swimming pool, increasing the likelihood of an accident. Other swimming problems such as cracks and weak layers also require professional attention.

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