4 Reasons Why Swimming In A Pool With Algae Can Be Dangerous

4 Reasons Why Swimming In A Pool With Algae Can Be Dangerous

Pool owners and operators worldwide are left scratching their heads when they see their pool turn from blue to green with increasing algae content. As an owner of a swimming pool, consistent algae growth is a threat you need to be cautious of.

Lack of swimming pool maintenance enables algae spores and contaminants to find their way in the pool, and before you know it, your pool is both unsafe and unhealthy to use. At A & B Pool Maintenance, we provide you with swimming pool maintenance services so that your pool is always up and ready for a glorious swim.

We also offer swimming pool algae removal services in San Jose, CA, allowing you to get rid of the nuisance before it develops into something dangerous. Contact us to find out more about our services today!

Remember, you need to take immediate action as soon as you see algae development in your pool. You might come across conflicting opinions on your decision to procure swimming pool experts’ services for algae removal. A neighbor or a friend might suggest you otherwise and convince you against swimming pool maintenance while downplaying the presence of algae and encouraging using the pool like normal.

However, avoid lending an ear to such advice and call for pool maintenance services immediately. Know that swimming in an algae-infested pool is a health hazard that you should avoid at all costs, don’t believe us? Read the following four reasons to find out!

1. Skin Infections

Since algae are a form of bacteria; these infective agents can harm your skin. You can develop rashes on exposure to such harmful elements; the bacteria also break your skin to evolve into even severe infections.

2. Low Visibility

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 390 deaths occur each year due to drowning in the swimming pool. This jaw-dropping statistic becomes even scarier in the case of algae-infested pools. The low visibility in such swimming pools means that young children in the tender age-group of 4-8 are at risk of drowning without anyone noticing.

3. Injuries

Algae are slippery; attempting to swim in a pool with overwhelming algae presence can cause slip and fall. Injuries such as bumps, cuts, and broken bones are always a possibility when swimming in an algae pool. Not to forget, inexperienced swimmers risk drowning themselves if they slip and fall in the pool.

4. Bacterial Infections

Ingesting algae water can result in fever, diarrhea, and other illnesses. As it is, stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The facts mentioned above are quite alarming; this is why you should avoid swimming in an algae-infested pool. Call A & B Pool Maintenance in San Jose, CA, to remove the algae as soon as you notice it in the pool. Also, frequent swimming pool cleanup can avoid algae buildup. Get a free estimate for our pool maintenance services today!