4 New Year’s Resolutions For Pool Owners

4 New Year’s Resolutions For Pool Owners

Have you made your New Year’s resolution?

While there’s still time to set your goals for 2021, you should think beyond personal growth and try to incorporate a holistic vision for the coming year. 

Some people want to lose weight. Others want to kill stress and be happier. Still, others want more money. Luckily, there’s a way to bring these goals together, especially if you are a pool owner!

By aligning your 2021 resolutions with pool maintenance, you can achieve physical fitness, stress relief, and monetary benefits from homeownership. If you residein CupertinoCA, you can always reach out to A&B Pool Maintenance to keep your swimming pool safe and clean next year. Click here to get an estimate for our services.

In today’s blog, we list 4 New Year’s resolutions for pool owners. 

1. Make Your Pool Greener

To start, a greener swimming pool isn’t one where the water changes color, but one that’s environmentally-friendly. Adopting a green approach in your home makes you a responsible citizen and makes your pool experience more enjoyable (not counting the money you save in the process). 

Here’s how you can achieve this goal:

  • Add LED lights to the pool area.
  • Install variable speed pool pumps
  • Install new cartridge filters
  • Use solar heaters to heat water in the swimming pool with zero emissions.

You can also use salt chlorine generates to lower chlorine production.

2. Keep Your Pool Cleaner

If you get lazy and put off cleaning, the pool will get greener in another sense (hint: algae).

All it takes is a little proactiveness to have a clean swimming pool throughout the coming year. Pool maintenance involves:

  • Preventing and removing debris in the water
  • Trimming nearby trees and bushes
  • Changing the filter
  • Keeping chemical levels in check

We have lots of helpful tips and hacks for pool care on our blog, so stay tuned in 2021!

3. Make Your Pool Safer

home pool needs to be safe for children and small pets. So plan to have some fencing around the pool, preferably high enough and one that latches automatically. Other pool safety tips include:

  • Teaching kids to swim as early as possible
  • Covering drains, pipes, and other openings to prevent entrapments
  • Learning how to perform CPR

If your child or pet is missing, make it a point to check the pool area first.

And with COVID-19 still at large, you can reduce chances of contamination by maintaining chemicals for the swimming pool per standard guidelines (coronavirus isn’t waterborne). 

4. Use Your Pool More Often

Finally, if you want to get into shape and improve your mental health, use your pool more often in 2021.

Nothing beats swimming as an exercise, and having a pool in your home is nothing short of a blessing. You can burn up to 500 calories per hour swimming laps without getting sweaty! Here’s how to get started:

  • Buy new swimming gear to get in the mood.
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Set a fixed time for pool use
  • Time yourself
  • Warm-up before you start swimming

As you can see, the maintenance of your swimming pool will help you achieve personal, family, and homeownership goals.

And we can help you achieve these New Year’s resolutions! If you reside in CupertinoCA, you can always reach out to A&B Pool Maintenance to keep your swimming pool safe and clean next year. Click here to get an estimate for our services.