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Leak Detection and Underground Repairs



NOT sure if you have a leak? We recommend that you do a bucket test to determine if the water loss is normal evaporation or a leak.

Bring the pool water to about the middle of the skimmer and mark that level with tape at the pool tile.


Fill a bucket with pool water; mark the water level in the bucket with tape.


Place the bucket on the first step of the pool or at the pool deck.

Run the pool equipment as normal for 24 hours.


After the 24 hours, compare the two water loss levels of the bucket and the pool water level.


If the pool water level went down more that the bucket water, you probably have a leak in the pool. The bucket water level is the normal evaporation.

Incase of rain repeat the test.


The test is not valid after 24 hours.


If the pool water level shows more water loss than the bucket, go to your phone and call us @ 408-265-5521. We can schedule a leak detection to locate the source of your water loss.


We do all of our own repairs; we do not sub out any work. We have many qualified technicians for the leak detection and for the underground repair work.

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